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Latest mtn free browsing code(phone and pc)

Take this latest mtn free browsing code:
port 80
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Free browsing

This free browsing blog is dedicated to giving you free browsing information anywhere in the world. You can get all your free browsing information here including mtn free browsing,zain free browsing,glo free browsing,etisalat free browsing,airtel free browsing,bsnl free browsing,India free browsing,Nigeria free browsing,uk free browsing,us free browsing,Indonesia free browsing, and many other free browsing codes in the world. As said free browsing anywhere in the world.Thanks.deloni

BSNL Free browsing

1)create a connection and enter the number to be dialed as *99***1#

2) enter the following string as extra initialization command

3)now dial from pc, the connection will be established

4)pick the phone and open "web" open "" the phone shows error .

5) close "web" and then from the browser open
and voila! The whole intenet is here
settings for profiles

apn: celloneportal
port : 8080

leave other fields blank as they are of the least concern

the browser settings on pc too go the same as mentioned above

Airtel free browsing

This post is intended for airetel users, but my fellow nigerians more is coming
You need a PC or a Laptop and the required connectivity tools ,ie.,
Serial/USB cable OR Infrared Device OR Bluetooth dongle

1) Activate Airtel Live!

2) Create TWO Airtel gprs data accounts and select the
FIRST as the active profile.

3) Connect your mobile to the PC (or Laptop) and install the driver for
your mobile’s modem.

4) Create a new dial-up connection using the NEW CONNECTION
WIZARD as follows

Connecting Device : Your mobile’s modem
ISP Name : Airtel (or anything you like)
Phone Number : *99***2# / Try 99***1
Username and Password : blank

5) Configure your browser and download manager to use the proxy and port 8080.

6) Connect to the dial-up account. You will be connected at 115.2
kbps (but remember, that is a bad joke).

7) Pick up your mobile and try to access any site. You will get “Access
Denied…”(except for Airtel Live!). IT DOES NOT MATTER.
Keep the mobile down.

8 ) On the PC ( or Laptop) open your browser, enter any address ,
press ENTER and…….WAIT

9) After a few seconds the page will begin to load and you will be able to browse the internet.

Step 2(or Sony ericsson phones)



USERNAME : blank

PASSWORD : blank











PORT : 8080




Step 3
go to settings menu then go to connectivity tab now choose the option Data comm. then "DATA ACCOUNTS" go to new account now the settings r as follows
usr name: (blank)
password: (blank)

now save it
go to Internet Setting in connectivity here choose internet profile--go to new profile setting are as below
CONNECT USING:DELONI(which was created in data comm.)
save it
now you will be able to see it now select it and take "more" option then select setting here in use proxy option it will be selected no if it is no then change it into yes
now go to proxy adress and give the adress as and then the port number as 8080
User name:
now save all the settings u made . come back 2 connectivity
choose streaming settings now in connect using option choose a1 that we created leave the use proxy option as no itself
now access airtellive! from ur activated SE phone goto VIDEO GALLERY OR VIDEO UNLIMITED(varies according to states) choose live streaming then choose CNBC OR AAJTAK WHILE CONNECTING TO MEDIA SERVER cancel AFTER 9 or 10 sec then type any web adress if it shows access denied then once again select CNBC and wait for a few more sec than before if its fully connected also no prob its free then cancel it or if ur connected then stop it and the internet is ready to take of

Try this too
For All Airtel Users

1. Airtel live (available 4 free)
2. Nokia series60 handset eg 6600,6630,n series,7610,6670 etc
3. Opera wap browser 4 mobile

1. Go to ur connection settings and make a new internet profile using the default settings of airtel live. name that new profile as anything(for eg deloni); change the home page of that profile to anything u like for eg

2. Go to ur Opera browser and set the default connection as AIRTEL LIVE. this is the original settings u received through airtel.

3. Go to the services(in n6600) and Web(N6630) and change the default profile for connection as deloni (newer one).

**Note: always make sure that ur access point is


1. Open Opera and u will see that homepage of Airtel Live is opened. Minimize the application.

2. Now open web using the duplicate Profile and u will see that two gprs connections will work simultaneously and at the web or the services page it will show "Unable to connect" or any error.

3. Simply go on the Opera with web on and open any site u want for free. No Charges No nothing.

NOTE:You can also use this on your computer

Latest mtn free browsing code

It has been a long time i posted last on this blog, if you want more codes posted to your email address you can enter your name and email address at the form provided at the right hand side of this blog and you will regularly be receiving free browsing codes to your email address.
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To configure your Nokia Phone to be able to browse using the TATA DOCOMO network you will have to start by going to:
Menu- Settings- Configuration Settings- Personal Configuration Settings- Options -Add New
Then enter the following where necessary
Connection name: deloni
Username: blank
Password: blank
Use prefered access point: select no
Goto Access point settings and select "enable" under proxy
Proxy server address: blank
Proxy port number:blank
Under bearer settings enter
packet data Access Point : tata.docomo.internet
username: blank
password: blank.
Click on back until you see the name of the new settings you just created,click opotions and click "activate".You can now begin to browse using tata docomo.Thanks.deloni

Bypass Firewalls(Be Anonymous) Using India Web Proxy

India web proxy is another good tool to bypass firewalls and get anonymous on the internet,Very funny enough it even provides a United State IP address.
India web proxy can be downloaded from,You will need to install Java Runtime Environment on your system before you can use it(You can google for it).
After downloading it go to the setup folder in it and click India web proxy to start,Click settings and input your proxy address,port number,username and password under Organization proxy host and other respective fields.
Click Save&Close and then click start.Go to your browser or applications and configure it to use proxy and port 6050.
After all the above has been done you can now begin to browse anonymously.Thanks.deloni


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To configure your nokia phone to work with opera mini browser you need to create an access point and this can be done by:
Goto-:Menu-:Settings-:Personal Configuration settings-:Options-:Add new-:Access point.
Then under the menus you can enter the needed parameter.
Account name:ETISALAT Account name:MTN Account name:ZAIN
Access point settings: Access point settings: Access point settings:
Bearer Settings: Bearer settings: Bearer settings:
Packet data Packet data access point: Packet data access point:
access point:etisalat
username&password:blank username/password:web

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Check this mtn free browsing code
Proxy address :
Port :80

MTN GPRS CONFIGURATION SETTINGS(Nokia 2626 2630 2600 3110c e.t.c)

username: web
password: web
Use preffered access point: no
Access point settings:
Proxy: Enabled
Proxy address:
Proxy port: 8080
Bearer settings:
Packet data access point:
Authentication type: normal
username: web
password: web


If you are finding it difficult to configure your phone,you can feel free to contact me on 07089846131 or and the settings will be posted here for free for others to benefit.Free Browsing Secrets Exposed(


I sat down and thought about the difficulty of getting a good,cheap and stable internet connection in this country and i discovered that if we don't fight for ourselves nobody will fight for us so i decided we form a group that will be researching about various methods of getting free access to the internet through mobile telecommunication networks(mtn,glo,zain,etisalat).

In order to be able to join this group,you must be able to provide at least one free browsing software working on any of the networks mentioned above(NOTE: Your software will be tested before you are granted access to the group)

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Do you beleive you can be browsing for free irrespective of where you are in the world.Just don't panic cos everything will be posted here for free.
There are many ways you can be browsing for free at any part of the world....but sorry Nigerians it has been blocked in your country.
Throug the help of some softwares like GPASS,GTUNNEL,FREEGATE,ULTRASURF and FIREPHOENIX you can be browsing for free with your mobile network,provided you are not suscribing to a data plan.The procedure to follow is easy,download the software from the internet(you can do a google search or use to search for it),dont worry about installation because most of them are green softwares(can run without installation) except firephoenix.Run them and wait for them to connect then you can be browsing for free with them.
For GPASS configure internet explorer or mozilla firefox or your application with proxy: port:8080 or add/drag your applications to the software window and open it through the software window.For ULTRASURF configure mozilla/internet explorer/your application with proxy: port:9666,For GTUNNEL configure your applications with proxy: port 8081.I beleive with the help of the information above you should be able to browse for free.
NOTE: If you are already suscribing to a data plan you can use these softwares to protect your anonimity online i.e you will appear as a U.S resident when browsing through this softwares.
Remember,Free Browsing Secrets Exposed(
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You can use the following web based proxy sites to get free anonymous web browsing,
NOTE:They provide us ip addressess.Remember Free Browsing Secrets Exposed.


You can use the following ip addresses to browse for free using MTN port 53 port 53 port 53 port 80.
For more info continue to visit http;// Browsing Secrets Exposed)


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You can browse for free on the mtn network using any of this codes in front of the site you want to go:
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As we all know,zain is without doubt the best mobile telecommunications network in africa but it is quite a painful thing that they are not having their 3g net work in most places in nigeria.The good news is that zain 3g network is now in most places in Ibadan It is in Dugbe,Challenge,Apata and many other places in Ibadan...a good news for users of 3g devices in ibadan.If you have a 3g device i.e mobile phone or can connect to their network and be browsing with it.Thanks.deloni.For more information continue to visit http;//

Latest mtn free browsing

You can browse for free using this latest mtn free browsing ip address: and port:53. browsing secrets exposed.





Account name : SMARTWAP
Access point name: SMARTWAP
Home page:
proxy/IP address:
Port: 8080


Account name: SMARTNET
Access point name: SMARTNET
Home page:
proxy/IP address:
Port: 8080

Settings for MMS:

Account name: RTLMMS
Access point name:MMS
IP Address:
Port: 9401

Idea gprs:

1. Account Name - idea_GPRS
2. Username - Blank
3. Password - Blank
4. Homepage -
5. Port - 8080
6. Proxy address -
7. Acces Point Name - imis
9. Proxy - Enabled/yes
10. Authentication Type - Normal


1. Account Name - Vodafone Live
2. User Name - leave Blank
3. Password - leave Blank
4. Proxy - Enabled/yes
5. Access Point Name - portalnmms
6. Proxy - Enabled/yes.
7. Proxy and Server address -
8. Proxy and Server Port - 9401 or 8080
9. Homepage -
10. Authentication Type - Normal

Airtel gprs:

1. Account Name - Airtel_gprs
2. User Name - leave Blank
3. Password - leave Blank
4. Homepage -
5. Proxy - Enabled/yes.
6. Proxy and Server Adress -
7. Proxy and Server Port - 8080
8. Data bearer - GPRS or Packet Data.
9. Access Point Name -
10. Authentication Type - Normal
11. Use preferred access point - No

Airtel live:

1. Account Name - Airtel_live
2. Homepage -
3. Username - leave Blank
4. Password - leave Blank
5. Proxy - Enabled/yes
6. Proxy and Server Adress -
7. Accespoint Name -
8. Proxy and Server Port - 8080
9. Data bearer - GPRS/ Packet Data
10. Authentication Type - Normal

BPL gprs:

1. Account Name - BPL WAP
2. Username - leave blank
3. Password - leave blank
4. Proxy - Enabled/yes
5. Homepage -
6. Proxy and Server address -
7. Proxy and Server Port - 8080
8. Acces Point Name - mizone
9. Data bearer - GPRS/Packet data
10. Authentication Type - Normal

BSNL north gprs:

1. Account Name - bsnlwap
2. Username - leave blank
3. Password - leave blank
4. Proxy - Enabled/yes
5. Homepage -
6. Proxy and Server address -
7. Proxy and Server Port - 8080
8. Access Point Name -
9. Data bearer - GPRS/Packet data
10. Authentication Type - Normal


You can use the following sites to send free sms to any network in the world...

Latest mtn and zain free browsing

Visit to get the latest mtn and zain free browsing

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Mtn latest free browsing code

This is the latest mtn free browsing code e.g Thanks and continue to view this site.

Mtn latest free browsing code

This is the latest mtn free browsing code e.g Thanks and continue to view this site.

Mtn Latest free browsing code

If you are using mtn to browse the web on your phone,you can browse for free using this codes in front of any website you want to visit.
Till any other code is published on this site enjoy free browsing on the mtn network.Onibalusi Bamidele(deloni)

Zain Free Browsing

For zain users.
you can be using this proxy addresses to browse for free on the zain network. port 3128 port 80.
Continue to view this site in other to get more free browsing updates.

Zain Free Browsing

For zain users.
you can be using this proxy addresses to browse for free on the zain network. port 3128 port 80.
Continue to view this site in other to get more free browsing updates.

Zain Free Browsing

Zain Free Browsing is coming soon,I will advise all the viewers of this blog to kindly stay tuned or even follow this blog in order to get updated even in their email address.Onibalusi Bamidele


All my good people viewing this blog, i am very sorry i have not being able to update this blog due to some things that keeps me busy but i am promising you all that this blog will be updated very soon.From Bamidele Onibalusi(deloni).Pls stay tuned.

Mtn,zain,glo and etisalat gprs manual configuration.

name: mtn
username: web
password: web
ip address:
port no: 8080,9201,9119(depending on the type of phone).

name: zain wap
username: wap
password: wap
ip address:
port no: 8080 or 9201

name: glogwap
username: wap
password: wap
APN: glogwap
ip address:
port no: 3130

name: etisalat
username: leave blank
password: leave blank
APN: etisalat
ip address:
port no: 9201 or 8080.