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    for your information, the latest mtn and zain free browsing software is called pingfu udp iris tunnel, it's a mass firewall breaker. it's far better than your-freedom software that cuts every 1 hour. unlike jondo, psiphon and your-freedom software that is not very fast. Pingfu software delivers 24 hours free internet service to mtn and zain users without any interruption and the speed is incomparable with any other free browsing software ever seen.
    here are the qualities of this network service breaker software:

    -it has a speed of 560 kbps to 1.7 mbps
    -contains multi-cgi relay
    -server autoswitch killer
    -a dns protocol behind 3 servers
    -custom loophole sequence
    -plung in out lagging
    -multiple streaming rate
    -24 hours continues free internet service

    Infact, this software is the best. if you really wants to enjoy free browsing on your computer, then call me on 07069368053 to get the full package of this high speed free internet software call pingfu udp and enjoy your computer. you can also get free dstv on computer from me and with multiple streaming rate quality carried by this pingfu software, you can be able to watch your dstv clear when you put in the right settings that will crack the dstv software and it won't ask of smart card number and recharge pin anymore, you will now enjoy the whole dstv channels on computer and browse free of charge. call me now on 07069368053 or email