Latest mtn free browsing code

It has been a long time i posted last on this blog, if you want more codes posted to your email address you can enter your name and email address at the form provided at the right hand side of this blog and you will regularly be receiving free browsing codes to your email address.
For the main time you can still be enjoying this code(for mtn free browsing): ( can be replaced with any website of your choice).Thanks
NOTE: If you are a glo, mtn or zain official(or whatever yu call yourself) looking for free brwsing codes to block, you can contact me for a book full of free browsing codes, i will pity you a little and i will sell the book for just 80,000 naira only(I mean it), before i end this message, any mtn, zain, glo or etisalat agent looking for free browsing code is a fool and a stark illiterate because:
1) They don't have work to do
2) They are wasting their time
3) They are not qualified to be what they are(I mean it)
Just let me end it there but as i persist my equation is "enter your email address at the box provided, confirm it through the message sent to you, and continue tio enjoy free browsing for life". Thanks for visiting me. Onibalusi Bamidele(deloni).


  1. i appreciate your braveness, keep it up and let globalise the world. youe cheat work well. once again thanks alots.

  2. Plz am tied of payin money browse, i need a cheat 2 comunicate with people like u, send it 2 my numba plz 08137194906