Do you beleive you can be browsing for free irrespective of where you are in the world.Just don't panic cos everything will be posted here for free.
There are many ways you can be browsing for free at any part of the world....but sorry Nigerians it has been blocked in your country.
Throug the help of some softwares like GPASS,GTUNNEL,FREEGATE,ULTRASURF and FIREPHOENIX you can be browsing for free with your mobile network,provided you are not suscribing to a data plan.The procedure to follow is easy,download the software from the internet(you can do a google search or use to search for it),dont worry about installation because most of them are green softwares(can run without installation) except firephoenix.Run them and wait for them to connect then you can be browsing for free with them.
For GPASS configure internet explorer or mozilla firefox or your application with proxy: port:8080 or add/drag your applications to the software window and open it through the software window.For ULTRASURF configure mozilla/internet explorer/your application with proxy: port:9666,For GTUNNEL configure your applications with proxy: port 8081.I beleive with the help of the information above you should be able to browse for free.
NOTE: If you are already suscribing to a data plan you can use these softwares to protect your anonimity online i.e you will appear as a U.S resident when browsing through this softwares.
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